Knew to Love You Better

Wrote this for my sister a while ago, but can’t find the journal with original lyrics and chords, so still working it out.


G, C, D

(1) This house is bare and lonesome

We used to fill it with our harmonies

But I haven’t heard your voice

in weeks in weeks

Kept waiting for you to call and say you were wrong

I was wrong



I knew to love you better

I could’ve loved you better

I should’ve loved you better

I swear I will I will


(2) If I’m bein honest

you’re the reason I didn’t come home.

Spent too many nights cryin at the wheel

At the wheel

But I never should have left you all alone

All alone


(3) Here we are a few years later

And our words they are a little sweeter

Took too long to learn

some are better left unsaid unsaid

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