Cluttered Up Claire

Cluttered-up Clare

Was worse for the wear

As she dragged all her likes through the air

They fluttered and tweeted

They jeered and they sneered

as they shouted behind her

“Lookie here, lookie here!”

Claire would complain to no avail

as she texted and chatted through email

“Oh how they tease me, berate me and bruise me,

but still I need their trail”

And so she walked on with her nose to the ground

and her eyes darting cross the screen she was bound

But Cluttered Up Claire was so stuck in her stare

she ne’er bothered to look around

For how could she hear

as a cute boy drew near,

walking by with no flutters or dings

If Claire could have seen,

not been glued to the screen

As he smiled and wished her good morning.

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