Los Lobos, The Wolves.

Los Lobos, The Wolves.


Acrylic on canvas (24in x 40in) 

We took a family trip to Monterrey and I could not get over this view. This is my place. If I could live anywhere for the rest of my life—Monterrey, California. In the heat of August, it’s 60 degrees. The ocean is mysterious and gray and violent and beautiful all at the same time. It’s where pirate ships sank, where John Steinbeck and Robert Louis Stevenson dreamed, and where the chaos of a Hollywood is no where to be seen. It’s what I imagine California was always meant to be.

There’s this beautiful point along the bay called Point Los Lobos. It’s known for a solo tree that stands on a cliff. You’re not allowed to sell pictures of it or even recreate it in art without permission. I could stand on that cliff for hours.

Los Lobos means “the wolves” and I may have hidden one in there. Can you find it?





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