St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi

Patron saint of nature 

Acrylic on windowpane 

As part of an ongoing series of saints, I painted St. Francis for my parents. Francis is dressed in a simple tunic. His hair is patterned and his only “adornment,” since Francis led a humble lifestyle. As a patron saint of nature, a single bird rests on his hands marked by the stigmata. He holds a simple bible in his left arm.

About St. Francis 

For all of my saints, I do some research so to add symbolism to the motifs within the painting. In his early years, St. Francis was a hardcore partier. He came from a rich family and he thoroughly enjoyed the privilege that allowed. Although originally named after John the Baptist by his mother, Francis was given his new name once his father returned, angered that his wife had named their son after a man of the cloth, a profession Francis’ father did not want for his son. Francis was charming and business savvy and took to the family merchant trade easily. In a pursuit for glory, Francis joined the military to pursue knighthood. But on the way to his first battle, he had a vision from God who told him to return home. So, in humiliation, Francis followed and returned home. His full conversion took time, but Francis was eventually called to rebuild the church. So he literally rebuilt the San Damiano church by hand. Eventually, Francis rebuilt more than just a church. He started the Franciscan order—one known for their humble lifestyle and renouncing of possessions.




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