A song written for Uncle Simon’s Musical Book Club. Inspired by The Alchemistby Paulo Coelho.

Em G D A (Bm, C)


When I was young I wanted all that I have now.

When I was you I knew this truth that I’d get here somehow

This is better than any place I’ve been before

Is there a need for brighter shores?


What’s wrong with a house upon a hill 

What’s wrong with a nice glass of tea to chill 

When you’ve got all you need there’s no need for better things 

Is half a dream still a dream 


A silver lining’s still a hope within the clouds

I’m happy in my tower no need to come back down


I know there could be more but is it greedy to think

That what I have is not enough for a fine merchant like me

Is half a dream still a dream

Even if it’s not my destiny?

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