Genesis 1- Themes – “Moad”

This chiasm focuses on the themes of Genesis 1 and the Creation Story. Chiasms are an ancient literary tool Hebrew writers used to convey ideas. The root “chi” (k-eye) comes from the Greek letter x or chi. Chiasms show how scripture folds in on itself. The idea is that themes mirror each other so that you could—in a sense—fold parts of scripture in half and see its fulfillment on the other side. For example, the Creation Story in Genesis 1 shows 3 days of separating (top of the x) and then 3 days of filling (bottom of the x) before the Lord rests on the seventh day.

I’ve shown the first three days in this way: 

The separating in the top half 

Day 1 – God separates light (white, left) and dark (black, right)

Day 2 – Water (blue) and Sky (light blue)

Day 3 – land (green) and sea (seafoam green)

Then the filling of the earth in the bottom half:

Day 4 – God creates sun (yellow), moon, and stars (black with white stars)

Day 5 – then fish and birds (corresponding to their water and sky colors)

Day 6 – and then animals (green for land) and humans (pink for flesh)

In western culture, we see literature as a debate of logic. In eastern culture, literature is meant to be a story in which the reader must discover a gem of understanding. At the center of every chiasm is a “treasure.” At the center of this chiasm is the word “moad” Or “seasons.” It’s also interpreted as “the sacred time” and is one of the four words used for “sabbath” which is a sacred time set apart for rest. 

On the seventh day, God rested. At the beginning of the poem of creation, it begins in chaotic nothingness. It ends with God being satisfied in the goodness of his creation and resting—as in “doing nothing.” So we see the nothingness fulfilled. At the center of my painted chiasm there is gold—a treasure of rest that is also mirrored at the end.

Genesis 1 is NOT a scientific lab report. It’s a beautiful poem of the story of creation being sung into existence. It’s how God chose to begin his Great Story. It’s a mystery in the way it folds in on itself and expands on itself at the same time, regenerating for an eternity of growth and redemption. Trust the story. The story is good. It’s very good.



Acrylic on canvas, 16×20 

Birchwood floating frame included.

Shipping not included.

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