built like a mother

naming, tagline, brand, messaging, strategy

This is my favorite project I’ve done at Novella Brandhouse. We worked with the incredible Kelsey Walsh Perry to design an activewear brand built just for mothers, by mothers. The project timing coincided with my sister’s pregnancy and the birth of her first child. My sister is very active and many of our hangs involve walking outside. My sister is my best friend. I watched her cringe with pain, swell with joy, and prepare for a life that would change her, was changing her. I had never seen motherhood so close before, and it was a wonder.

When writing for clients, there are certain moments of magic that you get to soak up. I remember brainstorming on the whiteboard, thinking about how strong my sister is, how she was “built like a mother” in both the softness and bad-ass-ness of the word. I knew it was “the one” as soon as I wrote it.

You carry baby, we carry you.

I remember when Liz, CEO and Founder of Novella Brandhouse, came into the room, looked at my work and I pitched her the idea. I didn’t know if Kelsey, the client, would go for it, but she did! She loved it! She loved it so much she literally put the phrase up in lights over the city.

From there, the messaging came naturally, as I paired the endurance of motherhood and activewear. It all fit together and hugged all the right spots nicely, with room to grow. Recently, I wrote the sub-brand for duoFIT’s latest expansion.

This brand is my favorite for all that it stands for. It shows the grit and grace of motherhood, how powerful and nurturing women are uniquely capable of being. It just fits.

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