green bee tea towels

Low-maintenance towels,

for high-maintenance messes.

Towels for the busy bee.

brand, tagline, messaging, editorial calendar, social/content strategy

Through Novella Brandhouse, I worked with Rena Krouse, a maker and entrepreneur with a wit to rival comediennes. (I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much around a conference table.) When Green Bee came to us, Rena knew she needed to scale. The business was becoming more tedious than profitable, and it was time to turn to serious branding as they scaled to more employees, an increased direct-sales and wholesale presence, and a social personality that needed a makeover montage.

Rena sells tea towels. Just tea towels. She’s toured the country designing and selling her sassy solutions to the messiness of life and settled on the entrepreneurial truth that her best-seller was a simple tea towel. Then she made hundreds of designs. But these tea towels weren’t just a hit because of the printed snark they displayed. They are also REALLY good tea towels. Like, you didn’t know you had lame towels till you used these and had that moment of adulthood when you fall in love with a kitchen item. Through customer and industry research (and personal testing), we found that people loved the designs, but first-time customers weren’t aware of the magic of the Green Bee Tea Towel. So I wrote messaging that positioned Green Bee as the solution to sustainable cleaning. These towels worked as hard as they trash-talked.

Content Strategy

Once we completed the brand, I got to work on the editorial calendar and social media strategy. Rena had been doing a lot of the posting on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, but everything looked the same, mostly because she was posting the same product photos that were on her website.

Through extensive research and a very fun deep dive into the world of niche home goods products and tea towels, I created a social strategy that would help Green Bee become a beloved account for followers to follow, with irreverent vintage housewives fitting the vibe of Green Bee, pairings that showed environmental shots of Green Bee Tea Towels with pie or drink recipes, partnerships with local bakeries, makers, and influencers, and a plan that Rena could implement as soon as she walked out the door.

The best part

A year later, I was giving a talk at Global Entrepreneurship Week on how to create an editorial calendar, and I used Green Bee Tea Towels as an example. As I finished walking through showing our process for effective content strategy and implementation, I checked in with the audience for questions. A woman in the front row raised her hand and introduced herself as the social manager for Green Bee Tea Towels. She told the whole class about how much she loved the editorial calendar, how they’re still using it, how they’ve seen growth in numbers and brand awareness, and that it’s so easy to follow!

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