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brand & content strategist

Hi! I’m Madelynne Jones and I am an award-winning brand & content strategist living in Kansas City, Missouri.

I love a good story and a witty tagline. I craft brand identities that speak to the people behind the business, because business is personal. My job is to create purposeful content strategies that help people fall in love with a brand, whether that’s the heart behind healthcare, the expanding brain of higher education, or the genius behind a scaling start-up or established businesses. 

Cohesive strategy is driven by data and creativity. Through meticulous research, content planning, and erratic webs on dry-erase boards, I craft strategies that real business owners can implement for better results. And I’m pretty good with analogies and I geek out about diagramming sentences. I’ve written for a variety of voices, from hospitals and scaling businesses to established enterprises, non-profits, and niche market products… and yes, they all have different voices in my head.

I drink way too much coffee and spend my free time painting and illustrating, catching a good concert or throwing one in my front yard, and walking around Kansas City with my corgi-beagle dog Hugo.


brand strategy

I’ve worked with clients to develop brand strategies that tout their unique strengths from beginning to end. I find the core of what they offer and who they are and pull that thread through as it shapes naming, brand identity, messaging, creative direction, content strategy, and marketing implementation.

…brands like duoFIT, MonsterBass, American Direct, R/Farm Distillery, Flutter Habit, Collective Design, Growing Days, New Growth West Plains, Kansas City Coffee Collective, Green Bee Tea Towels, Tick Tock Escape Rooms.

creative direction

Creative is a balance of art and copy. The right words with the right visuals can pack a powerful punch. I work with graphic designers, video producers, web developers, and other creatives to ensure brand consistency.

we’re talkin’ KCMO Health Dept Mask Campaign, Everything Waldo, Brookside Event illustrations, Novella Brandhouse internal branding video.

content strategy

Content strategy is the hard work that gets done after the brand is built, when all the messaging has to find its way into marketing materials, press opportunities, commercials, social media, events, website copy, and even office memos. It has to be on-brand, data-driven, and effective.

extensive editorial calendars are currently in the hands of MonsterBass, American Direct, R/Farm Distillery, Hollyday MedSpa, Collective Design, Green Bee Tea Towels, Megh Makes Art, Brookside, CommCARE.

account management

I like a good story because I like people. With 7+ years of account management in small companies, I’ve gotten to know my clients pretty well. I care about the work because I care about them and they care about their business. I believe clients are not the enemy, but good people working to make the world better. I believe my team members and vendors are trying their best in everything they do. I work to over-communicate graciously with everyone I interact with. I keep spreadsheets and I’ve answered late night phone calls to solve many problems. I’m up then anyway.


Creative writing, branding, creative direction, believing punctuation saves lives, SEO, email marketing, marketing strategy, website design and management, WordPress, Divi, Excel, Procreate, talking clients off the ledge, public relations.

Slightly less notable skills: really proud of the fact that I can type 95wpm, accomplished cookie baker, extensive knowledge of niche music genres.

Cool places I’ve worked

Novella Brandhouse

Jan 2017 – Present | Kansas City, MO

Senior Content Strategist specializing in content and brand strategy. I concept, create, and implement brand strategy through content strategy on social, print, websites, SEO, content planning, analysis and marketing. 

Highlights: Creative directing the KCMO Health Dept Masking Campaign, illustrating Brookside posters, duoFIT’s Built Like a Mother campaign.

Bolivar Herald-Free Press

Feb 2016 – May 2017 | Kansas City, MO

Journalist with the Bolivar Herald-Free Press. I wrote feature stories covering local news and human interest.

Highlights: a voicemail from Jack Link. THE Jack Link. A feature story above the fold about a hometown entrepreneur.

Madelynne Jones Creative

May 2015 – Present | Kansas City, MO

Abstract artist and illustrator exhibiting and selling commissioned artwork and illustrations locally and nationally.

Highlights: getting paid to do what I love, published illustrations of my favorite neighborhoods, exclusive collections with Golden & Pine, my first solo exhibit coming in 2021.

Mostly Serious

May 2016 – Nov 2016 | Springfield, MO

Content Strategist at a website development company. I worked on SEO strategy and implementation, marketing and content planning and analysis, and brand strategy.

Highlights: helping build/populate Cox Health’s website, learning SEO from a true mastermind.

Current Tech Group

May 2015 – November 2015

Content Strategist at a tech consulting agency. I worked with clients to develop agile project management workflows, content strategies, product development, and website development.

Highlights: being completely immersed in start-up culture—angel investors, agile project management, pitches.


University of Arkansas

Aug 2011 – May 2015 | Fayetteville, AR | B.A. Journalism/English, Marketing

Studied journalism, data journalism, creative writing, and marketing. Online editor of the student-run newspaper The Arkansas Traveler. Set up their online journalism process and program. National Pacemaker Award finalist one year into online publication. 



KCIABC Quills Awards

  • 2020 Flutter Habit Brand
  • 2018 Growing Days Website
  • 2018 Waldo Fall Fest


Gold SMCKC Awards

  • 2019 Faces of Brookside
  • 2018 Faces of Brookside
  • 2019 Brookside Sidewalk Sale
  • 2018 Brookside Wine Walk
  • 2017 Brookside Art Annual


Silver SMCKC Awards

  • 2019 Brookside St. Patrick’s Day
  • 2018 Faces of Brookside
  • 2017 Brookside Art Annual
  • 2017 Everything Waldo 

Additional Accomplishments

2015 National Pacemaker Award Finalist for University of Arkansas Traveler Online Publication 

Undefeated in the board game Dune 🤓

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