Art & Writings

by Madelynne Jones

Madelynne is a short story fiction and prose writer and author and illustrator of the children’s book “How the Snow Began.”

She is also an abstract painter and illustrator. Madelynne is a self-taught artist, whose work is expressionistic and often includes folkloric depictions of culture characterized by bright colors, large brush strokes, and pattern. She finds inspiration through music, conversation, and exploring her city. She could spend hours staring at the works of painters like Max Beckmann, Picasso, Thomas Hart Benton and Grace Hartigan.

A Guide to the Blog

Writings contain work in the following categories:

Prose: a fancy word for fiction.

Verse: lyrics and the like.

Dialogue: stolen conversations from strangers discussing personal things in public.


Art: a portfolio of colorful artwork, soon to be available in-store or by commission.

Saints: a series of saints painted in the ancient style of religious icon portraiture, in which pretty much every brushstroke has a symbolic purpose, be it the pallette, the motif, the posture, or the articles in hand. 

Coffee, Alone: a look at the beauty and loneliness of enjoying a beverage that we all enjoy religiously alone. Exploring the idea of taking a worshipped beverage, often shared with others, and isolating it. Or essentially, the observance and peace of drinking coffee alone. 


Download “How the Snow Began.”


A girl has little hope in the coming winter. She asks Father Moon for help. Some say that once in a blue moon, he listens.


Written & illustrated by Madelynne Rae Jones

Collaboration/Artwork Inquiry

Drop a line for commissioned artwork, artwork for sale, art show availability, or possible collaboration on anything creative.

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