Genesis 1- Themes – “Moad”

This chiasm focuses on the themes of Genesis 1 and the Creation Story. Chiasms are an ancient literary tool Hebrew writers used to convey ideas. The root “chi” (k-eye) comes from the Greek letter x or chi. Chiasms show how scripture folds in on itself. The idea is that themes mirror each other so thatContinue reading “Genesis 1- Themes – “Moad””

Chiasm: Genesis 1 – 11 “He Rests”

As the story of creation unfolds, we encounter the reality of sin and the glory of redemption. God begins a relationship with the pride of his creation: humanity. It’s a dramatic story of ups and downs. This painting is a depiction of the greater chiasm found within the story of the beginnings of humanity fromContinue reading “Chiasm: Genesis 1 – 11 “He Rests””