Woman to her husband in an airport 

“They found a body in a field in Fairmont.”  “Hmm, did they?” he responds, flipping a page in a book about war.  “They think he was killed in the city, then taken out.”  The husband nods his head once. “Still haven’t found who did it.”  A phone buzzes.  “Angie said she can host the babyContinue reading “Woman to her husband in an airport “

Sufjan’s Soliloquy

I  took an extended weekend up to Kansas City with the Tribe of Jones to see Sufjan Steven’s in concert Tuesday. This was my second Sufjan concert, the first being four years ago during his “Age of Adz” tour. The concert was fantastical. Stevens played the entire two hours to a full house, playing hisContinue reading “Sufjan’s Soliloquy”