Dylan Pyles & the Urgency of Punk 

I met Dylan Pyles at an artist’s book club. For ten weeks, our group talked about all the fears and joys of producing art. Dylan spent most of those weeks cross-legged, nibbling on his nails, and occasionally offering a word. But when he did, you listened. (Honestly, as we all should anytime someone talks, butContinue reading “Dylan Pyles & the Urgency of Punk “

A Q&A with Matt Cooper of Little Chief

Coop Dawg is back! I met Matt Cooper my freshman year of college in a dorm room. He was playing some sweet riffs on an acoustic guitar in my friend Sam’s room. He became one of my good friends during my college years at the University of Arkansas and it was a joy to cheerContinue reading “A Q&A with Matt Cooper of Little Chief”

A Conversation with Matt Hamer of Mr. Golden Sun

I was sure when the chorus dropped, that Kansas City was the will of God. (Place and Time, Mr. Golden Sun) I get a lot of suggestions for music. Like any art, music can be all levels of good, but true art stops you in your tracks. It compels you to share it. Good artContinue reading “A Conversation with Matt Hamer of Mr. Golden Sun”

A Brief Interview with Novo Amor’s Ali Lacey and Ed Tullett

For Ali Lacey, a place is a feeling. His debut full-length album under the moniker Novo Amor is titled “Birthplace” and isn’t even really about where the Cardiff-based musician was born, but more about discovering himself during the time he spent in Woodgate, New York. He even has the zip code written on his guitar.Continue reading “A Brief Interview with Novo Amor’s Ali Lacey and Ed Tullett”

Listening Now: Bluegrass for White Winters

Give a hollar! In preparation for the Trampled by Turtles concert this weekend, I’ve been listening to a lot of bluegrass, which has made me nostalgic for my square dancing days in Arkansas. We can thank Bill Monroe (the father of bluegrass) and his band The Bluegrass Boys for this subgenre of American roots music.Continue reading “Listening Now: Bluegrass for White Winters”

Listening Now: Covers That Changed Everything 

Something Old, Something New Cover songs have been around since the early days of recorded music. Whether it was an easy way to extend a set or a way to change the feel of a song completely, covers have made and remade entire careers. This week we’re throwing it back to a couple of favesContinue reading “Listening Now: Covers That Changed Everything “

Listening Now: Best Albums of 2018

What a year. This year I turned 25 (my swanky 20s-themed party pictured above) and celebrated with new friends who have become close friends, grew a ton in my work, challenged myself to write and paint with this little project and by saying yes to every commission, explored Colorado for the first time accompanied byContinue reading “Listening Now: Best Albums of 2018”

Listening Now: Love & Boxing Day

Time Warp. I’m writing this, as I usually do, on a Monday, which happens to be Christmas Eve. You’re reading this, if you bothered to open your email over the holidays, on Wednesday. By now it is Boxing Day and the holiday that I am currently eagerly anticipating you have already celebrated. Time is a funnyContinue reading “Listening Now: Love & Boxing Day”

Listening Now: Joy! Feel Good Beats + Indie Dance Tracks

JOY! OMG, You guys it’s Christmas! This week we’re looking at JOY! It’s been a busy month of a lot of projects and late nights and Hugo and I have had a lot of dance parties. With any luck, I will be holding the best little bundle of joy in my arms Thursday when IContinue reading “Listening Now: Joy! Feel Good Beats + Indie Dance Tracks”

Listening Now: Hope & Light

HOPE & LIGHT Wow. Where did November go? I love the Christmas season, but it’s suddenly here and time seems to speed by so quickly I barely get to sit in the season of peace. But that’s probably my own doing…or the caffeine. I found it harder than I thought to find songs explicitly aboutContinue reading “Listening Now: Hope & Light”

Listening Now: Christmas Unicorns

Real talk: Convicted by Lifetime Christmas movies So I was recently making my way through some really craptastic Christmas movies when I found myself convicted. In the Netflix/Lifetime Christmas movie “Dear Santa” a 20-something rich girl falls for a dad with a kid who runs a homeless shelter. It’s pretty classic Hallmark/Lifetime style (I couldn’tContinue reading “Listening Now: Christmas Unicorns”

Listening Now: Indie Shallow Dive (Part 2: Men) + Mumford “Delta” Review

I like friends who stand by their opinions. I was talking to my friend Katherine yesterday and shared a very passionate opinion about an author I did not enjoy. She replied with about the same amount of feeling how much she loved the author. I like having friends with opinions. And I have plenty of themContinue reading “Listening Now: Indie Shallow Dive (Part 2: Men) + Mumford “Delta” Review”

Listening Now: Indie Shallow Dive (Part 1: Women)

 A friend told me recently that I need to save some content for future posts. Lol. The music world keeps spinning, y’all. I’m five weeks into this little side project and I’m realizing how much I DON’T know about this hobby that I dearly love (music). What I put in this newsletter is barely halfContinue reading “Listening Now: Indie Shallow Dive (Part 1: Women)”

Listening Now: Ameri-Can I? A brief look at Americana

What a year it’s been in America. Today we’re looking at the latest and greatest in Americana music. Like America, Americana music is quite the melting pot. It’s a genre that has evolved from all walks of life basically having huge musical jam sessions together for hundreds of years. “Americana is contemporary music that incorporatesContinue reading “Listening Now: Ameri-Can I? A brief look at Americana”

Listening Now: Chill the Folk Out

TLDR: It’s getting chilly, so chill the folk out. This week’s Listening Now is a brief exploration of folk, its relation to place, and a very small portion of all that it entails: everything from a classic guitar and rustic voice pairing (MPJ) to the occasional orchestration of mandolins (Beta Radio) to neo-folk/Americana (Blind Pilot andContinue reading “Listening Now: Chill the Folk Out”

Listening Now: Madelynne’s Mix Tapes

Welcome to the first issue of Listening Now! In this weekly newsletter, I will spill my current jamz, only the best YouTube links, concerts you should put on your calendar and why, and I may sprinkle in some other things. Hugo will probably offer his two paws. And there’s already talk of some guest posts.Continue reading “Listening Now: Madelynne’s Mix Tapes”