Frida Kahlo

Oil acrylic on window pane

An abstract painting of Frida Kahlo on a window. Her portrait was painted on the front of the window with oil acrylic and the backside of the window is a blue/mint color, giving dimension.

This is based off a photo taken of Frida Kahlo looking down. I love the idea of her being tired or thinking. She struggled with pain most of her life, often painting in her bed. Her life was fraught with pain, but still, she painted vibrant and colorful paintings that were so different from her time. Her paintings are both sad and colorful. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.

I painted this after finally getting to see some of her work in person during an exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Arkansas.






Friday painting at home.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.37.44 PM

Frida’s self-portait on display at Crystal Bridges.

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