Madonna & Child


Acrylic on window frame

This is a Madonna & Child I did for the Manis family. Zach and Lisa were some of the first people I ever did a commission for and it was so sweet to paint for them again.

What I love about painting my #sainticons is that every color choice, every motif, every brush stroke has a symbolic meaning. The doves are for peace. And the pomegranates (red circles) are common in Hebrew motifs and apparently are all over Jerusalem (according to my parents who visited last year) and represent the fruit of redemption that will come from Christ’s death. Underneath the doves are a green olive branch for growth and a branch of thorns foreshadowing Christ’s death.

What I love about the Madonna and child particularly is this sweet moment of intimacy in light of all that we know will come. Mary herself knew some of what was ahead of her, but in this moment she got to hold her child, just like any normal mother. While I was painting this, my sister was just weeks away from giving birth. Now I’ve seen this image in real life, with Baby Luke nestled so tightly in her chest. It’s beautiful. In one tiny human, there is so much hope and joy for our family. I think this is my favorite Madonna I’ve painted thus far.


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